About Arabic Online


Arabic is spoken in the 22 countries of the Arab league, in a region that stretches from the East coast of Africa to the Middle East. It is the living medium of a dynamic and diverse literature and culture. Studying Introductory Arabic online is your chance to learn Modern Standard Arabic – a key language for international affairs, global politics and the humanities.

This interactive online course provides you with a versatile foundation in spoken and written Arabic and requires no prior knowledge of the language.
Through an innovative use of integrated and multimedia-based online language resources, you will quickly master the Arabic script and learn to read, write and converse at a basic level in Modern Standard Arabic, while discovering some of the many cultural and historical facets of the Arab world.

Arabic Online


During this course you will learn to handwrite and type all characters of the Arabic alphabet and to compose short texts on a variety of topics.


Through online resources, activities, and interaction with your lecturers and fellow students you will learn to speak Modern Standard Arabic and acquire the correct pronunciation and rhythm inherent to the language.


You will quickly learn to read hand written and typed texts and acquire a vocabulary of around 500 common words.


You will discover key aspects of the Arab culture and engage with relevant cultural, historical and social topics, essential to contextualising the Arabic language skills your are developing.

Ms Leila Kouatly

Educational Developer - Arabic Language
Tutor, Arabic Program, Centre for Arab & Islamic Studies, ANU
Bachelor of Info Management – University of Canberra
Master of Teaching (Languages Other than English - in progress), University of Canberra